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Care For Your Hair, ‘Til The Very Ends

Care For Your Hair, ‘Til The Very Ends

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Spectacular victories are guaranteed not only by a brilliant sporting shape but also with proper self-care. 

As we all know, our hair is prone to damage and fragility over constantly being under the helmet and needs your close attention.

Acute exercise during the game and high summer temperatures cause excessive sebum production and sweating, so intensive but delicate hair and scalp cleansing should be a necessary part of the treatment. Shampoos with natural ingredients help as they supply and replenish the lack of moisture and give a refreshing feeling. A lot of attention is needed to hair ends as they are truly vulnerable to an external influence.

Using nourishing serums, which work for the recovery of hair structure, will also help stop damage. Dry milk fat applied to hair ends just before the game gives additional nourishment and protection from environmental hazards.

After the game, fill your hair with nourishing elements to regain strength and prepare it for new victories. Using hair masks enriched with ceramides, polymers, and vitamin E give resilience and activates your hair’s resistance power. Use these masks once or twice a week, applying them on towel-dried hair. If desired, the masque can be left overnight to let your hair absorb the product’s nourishing elements.

It is vital to remember that the result is more notable if the approach is complex (as well as in facial care). This means choosing products from one line, adding serums to your moisturizing mask, and not overdrying your hair with styling tools.

Elements of Hair Straightening Serum, Wella Professionals

This paraben and dye-free serum smoothen and gives volume to hair and takes care of your scalp. Using your fingertips, work the serum to your scalp, and leave it in.

Caviar Anti-aging Replenishing Moisture Milk, Alterna

A leave-in conditioner with black caviar extract gives your dry, brittle or aging hair a chance for a new life.

Hair Energizing Complex, Shiseido

This high-performance hair revitalizing treatment is made with Shiseido’s advanced hair technology. It hydrates the scalp and stimulates growth, volume, and vitality. It replenishes the natural moisture needed for healthy-looking hair.

Natural Conditioning Hair Oil, Weleda

This organic treatment restores moisture, prevents split ends, and adds radiant shine. Organic rosemary leaf, clover, and burdock root extracts make your hair soft and elastic, and protect it from environmental hazards. The lavender essential oil also soothes your scalp.

Restorative Hair Mask, Moroccanoil

This gets deeply into hair to rebuild strength and repair damage from chemical compounds and environmental activities.

Frizz-Ease Extra Strength 6 Effects Serum, John Frieda

This unique award-winning formula instantly soothes dry and rebellious hair, resists humidity, and gives your hairstyle gloss and smoothness with a thermal protectant. Apply the serum to soaking wet hair after shampoo and conditioner. Dispense a dime-size amount of serum into the palm and distribute evenly throughout hair. 

Expert Absolut Lipidium, L’Oreal

This shampoo gives instant reconstruction to damaged hair. The formula is rich with lipids and contains the most reconstructing ingredients to replenish all hair zones and create an insulating barrier to lock in essential nutrients to restore healthy tresses.

Dry Remedy Moisturizing Shampoo, Aveda

Gently cleanses and moisturizes dry hair, making it soft and shiny.

Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair, Aveda

This formula with natural ingredients brings life to damaged hair in one step. Proteins replenish and protect against heat styling. Soy oil helps avoid hair fragility.

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