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Polo Through An Artist’s Eyes

Polo Through An Artist’s Eyes

Eugenia Laprida
polo in Dubai

I’ve been in contact with horses since I was little; I grew up in a family of polo players. Stables, polo matches, and traveling around the world skipping classes were common aspects of my childhood. I have been painting and drawing ever since I can remember. I was trying to express myself—it was, and still is a necessity for me, a physical and mental need. I have an Associate of Arts Degree and afterwards, I studied Visual Arts for four years at UMSA University in Argentina.

polo Dubai

Playing polo always seemed too hard for me; in my case, I preferred to be a spectator with inside information and a pencil in hand. In my family, only the boys played.

It is very important that women have their own space in this sport because I am sure it is an amazing feeling, thrill, and passion that should be shared by everyone.

 I look forward that this magazine will transmit all the wonderful things polo has to offer and invite women to get involved not only as players, but also as spectators, designers, sponsors, chefs, artists, artisans, vets, grooms, and others.

My goal as an artist is to take polo paintings to another step and make them interesting among non-polo players as well. I am dedicating all my art knowledge and studies to creating polo pieces that can be appreciated by people who are interested in polo and horses, and also for those who understand and enjoy art, inviting a wider audience to be part of its lifestyle.

Eugenia Laprida

In my work, you can find the variation of styles, from stencil and pop art to academic oil painting. I like to take risks and explore as many techniques, formats, and concepts as possible. I think there is a lot more to polo than what you can see in a match, I want to go beyond pure representation, create artwork that can transmit the effort, passion, and dedication of hundreds that make the polo match possible, and relate them with the contemporary art scene.

Rossi & Caruso by Eugenia laprida 1'
Cartera Rossi Caruso by Eugenia Laprida

Each year, I work on a new series of artwork; all of them require a long investigation process where I search for the right technique, right size, and all the information I need to transmit the idea and to make my statement.

Many artists from different periods of time inspire each series—classic, romantic, pop, expressionism, abstract, street art, and so on.

Eugenia Laprida

I am actually working on a series called ‘Back to Basics,’ where I portray contemporary award-winning polo horses in a classical and academic way, oil painting on canvas and landscapes from other times, times when horses first started to be portrayed and went from being part of a composition to becoming the main protagonist.

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