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All The Fun At Polo Rider Cup Pre-Final Day

All The Fun At Polo Rider Cup Pre-Final Day

Polo Rider Cup Pre-Finals

On the penultimate day of the Polo Roder Cup 2021, eight teams played for the subsidiary cups before the finals on June 20 at the Polo Club du Domaine de Chantilly.

The opening match for the subsidiary cups ended in a tie between Moscow Polo Club, with Alexandra Rodzianko (0), Simon Zavaleta (5), Edouard Pan (5), and Misha Rodzianko (2), and Las Brisas Polo Club of Chicago, with Lucie Venot (0), Lukas Sdrenka (2), Juan Martin Obregon (6), and Matias Obregon (4), at the last chukker with 7 to 7. Both teams agreed not to play over time and share the 11th position of the tournament.

The next match for the 10th and 9th position saw Polo Club Düsseldorf, with Otto Blank (0), Jesús Bordoni (2), Adrián Laplacette (6), and Miguel Amieva (4), beat La Aguada Polo Club, with Pearl Venot (0), Max Bosch (3), Valentin Novillo Estrada (6), and Moritz Gaedeke (3), in a very intense game by 7 to 6. La Aguada Polo Club won the first chukker with 2 to 1, but all the chukkers ended in a tie later on. At the end of the final chukker, a fantastic goal from Adrian gave the win to Polo Club Düsseldorf with 7 to 6.

The third match of the day also turned into another close one. Hamburger Polo Club, with Caesar Crasemann (4), Heinrich Dumrath (4), Caspar Crasemann (4), and Daniel Crasemann (0), and Evviva Polo St. Moritz, with Piero Dillier (0), Andreas Bihrer (0), Lucas Labat (5), Martin Aguerre (7), and Tommy Rinderknecht (0), played for the 8th and 7th position. The victory went to the German team with 9 to 8 in a thrilling end. The Swiss team ended the fourth chukker with a one-goal lead, but Cesar scored the two winning goals in the last one for the Germans.

Dos Lunas Polo Club, with Juan Pepa (1), Jorge Pepa (3), Patricio Cieza (6), and Paul Grabosch (2), and Polo Club de Chantilly, with Sam Sztarkman (1), Martin Joaquin (5), Jota Chavanne (5), and Alex Sztarkman (1), played the last game of the subsidiary cups, with the victory of the Spanish team by 7 to 6 in overtime. At the end of the fourth chukker, the French team was leading by 2 goals. Dos Lunas Polo Club forced overtime, and Juan Pepa scored the winning goal.

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