POLO LADY Magazine

POLO LADY is the only international magazine for women in polo. Since its launch in 2015, the magazine has received the attention and support of the whole polo community worldwide.

As the biggest and most prestigious polo magazine for women, it covers the thrill of the sport, inspirational women, and the pleasures of luxury living. Throughout the years, POLO LADY Magazine has gained a loyal readership from around the world and has empowered thousands of women in polo.

POLO LADY Magazine has built strong relationships with big names in the women’s polo scene. It has been the official media partner of La Dolfina Ladies’ International Diamond Cup, USPA Women’s Open, Copa Volvo, Ibiza Ladies’ Cup, Sotogrande Mixed Cup, Women’s Polo Master, Open De France Feminin, Snow Polo World Cup, and many more.

To continue living up to its mission, the print edition of the POLO LADY Magazine is distributed to the best polo clubs, displayed in top tournaments, and delivered to our loyal patrons and generous sponsors.


polo magazine
polo magazine
polo magazine


I think POLO LADY magazine will be good to promote Ladies' Polo and attract attention to this sport. The idea is excellent!

Mia Cambiaso
Mia Cambiaso Professional Polo Player

POLO LADY's success proves to me that there is a definite market for Ladies' Polo across the world and it is only getting bigger.

Izzy McGregor
Izzy McGregor Professional Polo Player

POLO LADY is superb! It covers so many different aspects of the sport. It's a really interesting read and has a great image.

Hazel Jackson
Hazel Jackson Professional Polo Player

It is exciting and encouraging to see a magazine dedicated to Women's Polo! It is a sign of the times and clearly defines the impact that Women's Polo is having globally.

Nina Clarkin Professional Polo Player

I am so tremendously happy that POLO LADY is covering the US Open. I think it is a great idea for Women's Polo worldwide, where it is now and how powerful it is. Keep up the great job!

Bob Puetz CEO at US Polo Association

Felicito por este emprendimiento y es un orgullo tener un medio que se dedique al polo feminino! Having a global output, POLO LADY will help to grow Polo Feminino internationally!

Patricia Panzarasa
Pato Panzarasa Director at Polo Femenino Argentina

POLO LADY is doing a great job! It is great that you're highlighting the success of women in polo and telling everyone what is going on around the world. Having POLO LADY as a portal to showcase this is truly fantastic!

Sarah Wiseman
Sarah Wiseman Professional Polo Player

POLO LADY transmits all the wonderful things polo has to offer and invites women to get involved, not only as players but also as spectators, designers, artists, vets, umpires, grooms, and others.

(Lihueel Althabe)
Eugenia Laprida Artist

POLO LADY is fantastic and came at an exciting time in ladies’ polo, as it is currently growing exponentially. Communication is the key to the sports’ progress and POLO LADY is more than capable of fulfilling the role.

Annabel McNaught-Davis Professional Polo Player

POLO LADY specializes in showing women polo is not just polo, it also deals with fashion and lifestyle. This is the first magazine dedicated to this subject, so, carry on and congratulations!

Eduardo Fagliano
Eduardo Fagliano Owner of Casa Fagliano

Women’s Polo is at its highest internationally. POLO LADY is a great magazine for brands interested in associating their products to Women’s Polo and as a supporting platform for sponsorship initiatives.

Eva Campos
Eva Campos The Real Spanish Polo Federation

I'm sending my best wishes to POLO LADY magazine! This is a great initiative, especially because it helps in promoting FEM Polo around the world. I'm very positive that the magazine will be successful.

Samanta Perrusi
Samanta Perrusi Ladies Polo Tour Argentina

POLO LADY highlights the exciting direction women's polo is headed all over the world. I appreciate the support in spreading my message to other women who have a goal they would like to achieve in sport and life. Thank you so much and all the best to the only polo magazine for women!

Sunny Hale
Sunny Hale Women's Polo Legend

Congratulations to POLO LADY for getting involved in women's polo! I am sure that this magazine will greatly help in taking the message worldwide. Good luck!

Lia Salvo Professional Polo Player


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