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A Horse Always Says The Truth

A Horse Always Says The Truth

It was a summer’s day and my parents were taking a siesta. I was only a little boy and an obstinate little fellow was my best friend in these quiet afternoons; the world was just a place to explore and discover. This was my earliest memory with a horse.

Since then, things have not changed much; these animals are still at my side and still teaching me. One thing I have learned from each horse that I train is that I learn a bit more about myself and understand a bit more about my own nature.

My father taught me everything he could, but it was my curiosity and passion that pushed me forward and cross the bridge, so to speak.

Hugo Bugarini was a great teacher who not only taught me horse riding at the Riding Club in Bahia Blanca but relied on me to prepare horses for competition. What began as a hobby became a fascinating job that lasted for six years. From that moment on, I had no doubts about my future and started to perfect different styles of dressage: classical dressage, western dressage, cowboy dressage, Indian dressage, and some Argentinian Creole dressage.

The year I spent training at the dressage center La Viña Doma, managed by Carlos ‘Pollito’ Ulloa, when I was just twenty-one was a transforming experience. A year later, when I was twenty-two, I started my first dressage center El Potrero Centro de Doma in Mayor Buratovich in the south of the Buenos Aires province. At the age of 25, I founded my second dressage center, El Galope in the city of Mercedes in the province of Buenos Aires. In both centers, I had a very close working relationship with the Garrahan family, one of the oldest families in the sphere of Argentinian Polo. They still ask for me for their horse training efficiency.

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Looking back at my experience gained and the path I followed, I can say I developed a style of dressage combined with my own technique based on Ethology (the science that studies animal behavior), resulting in a horse that trusts men, using solid long-lasting dressage techniques.

Through my personal dressage style, I researched the understanding and devotion of horses.

In order to achieve this, one needs to leave their ego, anxiety, and aggressiveness behind and gain sensibility, understanding, and tolerance. The horse is a mirror that reflects your own self and your mood and highlights your defects. A trainer needs a high capacity of observation and never misjudges the reaction of a horse.

In my dressage, I establish a communication system using body language and transform the information I get into clear commands in a calm and simple way.

When I start training a foal, the first thing I do is observe and never misjudge his fear as meanness or his pain as boldness. A horse always says the truth; that is the reason why it is important to train yourself before you can train an animal in a sincere way.

I have already trained 300 horses and have established a strong and unforgettable bond with all of them. Each horse was trained and delivered back to its owner, with excellent results. Many of them can be seen today playing in Polo ONE, LA AGUADA, or ridden by independent Polo players.

Since 2015, with all the experience I gained, I began to fulfill one of my dreams: offer dressage foal training to people interested in this fantastic world, combined with offering training qualifications to horse trainers of all equine breeds around the country, but principally those involved with Polo ponies.

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