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The Exciting Duels At The Second Polo in the Park Hessen Cup

The Exciting Duels At The Second Polo in the Park Hessen Cup

Perfect weather witnessed the success of the second Polo Club Hessen e.V. in Nieder-Wöllstadt tournament. Held on the grounds of the Lindenhof, two teams from different clubs played in the exciting two-on-two duels for victory.


The guests present were able to enjoy themselves with delicacies from the grill and cool wine from the Vinothek Westlage. All these while following the chukkers in a relaxed manner and cheering on the teams.

What always distinguishes the sport of polo is the open and inclusive team approach. Unlike many other sports, men and women, adults and young people play together in teams. This was also evident in the team composition at this year’s Polo in the Park Hessen Cup. On the field, siblings, father and daughter, son-in-law and father, spouses, and good friends played together in one team. 

On the first day, in optimal conditions, the two favorite teams for the final already stood out: the Polosisterzzz (Paulina and Annabell Kreiter) and Team La Seravida (Andres and Dan Volbert). 

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Other contenders include Chiemsee with Dele Iversen (0) and Bernhard Niederhammer (0), Team Florida with Ulli Link (1) and Tobias Hartmann (1), and Polo Club Hessen with Steffi Fuchs (2), Susanne Lorenz (2), and David Jordan (2).

In the end, father and son-in-law team with Andres (1) and Dan (2) from La Seravida won against sisters Annabell (1) and Paulina (1) from the Polosisterzzz in an exciting and fast final match

The Polo in the Park victory went to Didda (2) and Rainer Reimann (2), the father and daughter team of Family Affair Mühlen.

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