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17 Questions With Villa a Sesta Polo Club’s Ginevra Visconti

17 Questions With Villa a Sesta Polo Club’s Ginevra Visconti

In this feature, we talked to Ginevra Visconti, who juggles her polo player status with being a journalist, writer, and a horse breeder.


17 Questions is a feature series where we introduce different women polo players around the world. In this feature, we talked to 1-goaler Ginevra Visconti of Villa a Sesta Polo Club. Apart from being a polo player, she’s also a journalist, writer, and a horse breeder. “I ride in the countryside and I fox hunt during the winter time when polo is not on,” she tells POLO LADY. “I enjoy being on a horse, no matter where and what.”

  1. Since when are you interested in horses? 

“I remember being with horses since I was born. I was raised in a very ‘horse-y’ family and I started loving horses very young.”

  1. How did you get into polo? 

“I moved to Argentina for work and with my family when I was 27. I lived there for almost 12 years. One day, I stepped into polo thanks to many friends who used to play in the country.”

  1. Who is your first coach? 

“My first incredible coach was Paul Pieres (Polito’s father). He opened his house to me and my family, where we all started playing polo and enjoyed many weekends in Pilar with Paul, Florencia, and their family.”

  1. Who are your heroes on the field? 

“I have three horses from Uruguay – Morita, Mariposa and Perdida. One from the Tanoira breed, Napolitana, and two from Javier Uranga’s breed.”

  1. What’s the best training tip you’ve ever received? 

“Play with your head!”

  1. How do you bond with your horse?

“I am just totally in love with them. I also breed them. I just can’t live without horses.”

  1. Best horse care tip? 

“They have to stay outside most of their time.”

  1. Who is your polo bestfriend? 

“My polo best friends are my horses!! But if I have to mention a special friend, I would mention Veronica Posse, as we started to play together and she always supported me and pushed me to aim more.”

  1. Which position do you love playing the most in and why? 

“I play #1 normally, but I also enjoy playing #2. If I had a strong hit, I would have loved to play number four and direct the team.”

  1. What is more important in a team: trust or communication? Why? 

“Both. There is no trust without communication, and there is no communication without trust.”

  1. What’s your ultimate must-have when playing? 

“My soft shield shirt which actually protects me from injuries. I did not wear it in my last match, and I broke one rib crashing with Lia Salvo.”

  1. Would you rather play mixed or women’s polo? Why? 

“I like to play mixed, but I feel more useful when playing women’s as I feel more inside the game.”

  1. For you, what makes polo the best sport? 

“The feeling of being on a team with your horses. I am so happy when we play well together.”

  1. What’s your best win throughout your career? 

“I won the European Championships twice with the national Italian team. Two great experiences.”

  1. What’s the worst polo misconception you’ve ever heard of? 

“I have heard many, and that’s why it is important to keep improving knowledge and education about this sport.”

  1. If you could live the life of one polo player for a day, who would it be and why? 

“I am happy being myself, enjoying and appreciating this sport every time I am allowed to. But I would definitely prefer to go back to play in Argentina.”

  1. Complete the sentence: “I am a ____ polo player.”

“I am a joyful polo player.”

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