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Meet The Semifinalists Of The 2022 POLO RIDER Cup

Meet The Semifinalists Of The 2022 POLO RIDER Cup

Ellerstina Polo Club, Polo Club de Chantilly, Evviva Polo St. Moritz, and Empire Polo Club of Coachella Valley are the winners in the quarterfinals of the 2022 POLO RIDER Cup.

In the opening game for the quarterfinals, Ellerstina Polo Club beat Deauville Int. Polo Club in a thrilling match by 7 to 9. Ellerstina Polo Club brought together Sam Sztarkman, Salvador Jauretche, Juan Pedro Chavann, and Alex Sztarkman. Meanwhile, the opposing team presented the lineup of Ulysse Eisenchteter, Patrick Eisenchteter, Pierre-Henri N’Goumou, and Juan José Storni.

polo rider cup 2022 semifinalists

Salvador showcased an impressive performance, scoring seven goals overall. In the third chukker, Ellerstina Polo Club was behind the score with 6 to 4. However, the two goals from Salvador tied the match in the fourth chukker. While no goals were scored in the fifth chukker, the beginning of the sixth chukker saw Salvador score another goal from fault. 

Pierre-Henri tied the match again with 7 to 7, but Juan Pedro and Salvador eventually scored the winning goals for the Argentinian team.

Polo Club de Chantilly won against the Hong Kong Polo Association in the day’s second match, 5 to 9. Polo Club de Chantilly’s roster include Edwin Robineau, Dorian Bulteau, Louis Jarrige, and Julien Reynes. On the other hand, the Hong Kong Polo Association’s lineup includes Ryan Rezkallah, Elena Venot, Pelayo Berazadi, and Brieuc Rigaux.

polo rider cup 2022 semifinalists

The first chukker ended in a tie with 1 to 1. But one goal from Dorian from the field and two goals from Louis gave a three-goal advantage to Polo Club de Chantilly at the end of the second chukker, 1 to 4.

Brieuc scored two goals in the third chukker to close the gap for Hong Kong. But at the end of the fifth chukker, the French team got a three-goal lead with 5 to 8. Edwin, who was replacing Jean-Claude Le Grand, scored a great goal from the field at the last chukker. So with the final result of 5 to 9, Polo Club de Chantilly enters into the semifinals.

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Evviva Polo St. Moritz beat Araucaria Polo Club with 12 to 10 goals in another exciting match. The former’s team is composed of Lucie Venot , Ignacio Kennedy, Martin Aguerre H, and Robert Kofler. The latter, meanwhile, has Luca Meier, Fabian Bolanterio, Adrian Laplacette, Fabio Meier on their roster.

polo rider cup 2022 semifinalists

The Swiss team secured a spot in the semifinals with nine goals from Martin. The team led the first two chukkers, but Araucaria Polo Club tied the match with 4 to 4 after the third chukker. From the fourth chukker, Evviva Polo St. Moritz took the lead again until the final chukker, with a final result of 12 to 10.

The last game of the day witnessed the win of Empire Polo Club of Coachella Valley. Clément Smith, Guillermo Li, Tito Ruiz Guinazu, and Derek Smith are part of the winning team. The opposing Hamburger Polo Club carries Caesar Crasemann, Heinrich Dumrath, Ramiro Zavaleta, and Daniel Crasemann on their team.

Nine goals came from Tito, with his team beating the competing team with 13 to 9 goals. The match was very equal between both teams. But in the last chukker, Guillermo and Clémet scored two goals that gave the victory to the American team and the last place in the semifinals.

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