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Gallops Of Jordan’s Fourth Breathtaking Expedition

Gallops Of Jordan’s Fourth Breathtaking Expedition

Leading one hundred and thirty-three riders and horses from the gates of the spectacular Wadi Rum desert to the mythical Nabataean lost city of Petra. This is the crazy and daring bet that Bady Kebir, Benoît Perrier, and their Gallops of Jordan team have just accomplished. 

Two hundred kilometers on horseback in the desert, eighteen nations represented among the participating riders. More than one hundred and sixty horses, a team of twenty people from France, and eighty Jordanians recruited locally for supervising and supporting the race. All this extraordinary amount of preparation went into making the Gallops of Jordan an incredible success!

gallops of jordan

After the Gallops of Oman, Morocco, and India, Bady Kebir and Benoît Perrier have succeeded in their fourth challenge to amaze riders from various horizons, with the breathtaking desert landscapes as backdrop. 

This project has been in the works since 2019, but was postponed to 2021 because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The objective of the Gallops is to discover spectacular sites through an endurance and orienteering race, where the well-being of the horses is the absolute priority. Every Gallops edition carefully selects horses locally and their well-being is monitored constantly and extensively throughout the race.

gallops of jordan

President of the Royal Jordanian Equestrian Federation and her Royal Highness Princess Alia bint Al Hussein of Jordan, who was immediately won over by the Gallops project, opened the doors to her equestrian clubs. 

“We had visited practically every equestrian site in Jordan—a good fifteen at least—where there were horses potentially capable of carrying out this endurance trek. After extensive examinations and checks, we selected one hundred and sixty out of over two hundred horses which were presented to us. Once the horses were selected, we signed contracts with the owners requiring them to train their horses for endurance racing for two months before the event,” Bady explains. 

All the horses arrived safely and in good health at the finish line, thanks to the extensive and rigorous surveillance of the four veterinarians who monitored the health and well-being of the horses. In every Gallops event, inseparable pairs have been formed between rider and horse to the point of not being able to be separated from each other. Three competitors are in the process of acquiring and importing their Jordanian horses to be reunited together in their new forever home.

gallops of jordan

While the finish line in front of the temple of Petra made famous by Indiana Jones was the crowning moment of the Gallops of Jordan, the five days of the adventure were marked by unforgettable moments. One of the highlights include the Gallops’ famous and legendary White Party in the desert in the spectacular setting of red and ochre rock formations sculpted by time where the competitors danced under the stars. There was also the majestic Gala Closing Ceremony in the sumptuous setting of Little Petra, with members of the Jordanian Royal Family and foreign ambassadors of the participating Nations present.

On a human level, everyone was extremely moved and inspired by the lesson of courage and optimism shown by Belgian rider Émeline Parmentier. She is a victim of a car accident who had both legs amputated at 23 years old. Her dream was to participate in the Gallops and reach the finish line in Petra. And that goal was achieved. 

“I set myself a pretty huge challenge, I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it. I have also done it for other people who may experience the same difficulties as me, to prove to them that anything is possible and help them realize their dreams too,” she says.

gallops of jordan

Another emotional moment is the arrival at Petra of Her Royal Highness, the young Jordanian Princess Jalila bint Ali, niece of His Royal Highness King Abdullah II of Jordan. There, she discovered that her father, His Royal Highness Prince Ali bin Hussein, returning from a diplomatic trip in Europe, surprised her at the finish line. 

Her Royal Highness Princess Jalila, at 16 years old, is an endurance enthusiast and trains hard with the goal of competing for her country in international competitions. She arrived without difficulty, surrounded by her trainer, Jehad Shhaltough, at the end of the 200-kilometer race! 

Other participants struggled a bit more to arrive at the finish line, but all the teams successfully crossed the finish line. 

About the next Gallops, Bady spills that it might be held in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, or Patagonia. Watch out for the new, upcoming adventure soon!

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