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3 Snow Polo Tournaments Around The World You Should Know

3 Snow Polo Tournaments Around The World You Should Know

Snow Polo Tournaments Around the World

When one talks about snow polo, you won’t hear anything short of beauty and extravagance, from the picturesque polo field draped in powdery snow to the elite crowd in their most stylish fur coats and sparkly stones that make them shine when sunrays hit their way. Nothing can beat the fancy-schmancy of this event, as it earned the right to stage such luxury—complete with the best players and the most adrenaline-pumping play you’ll lay your eyes on.

Today, there are three prominent snow polo tournaments in the world that bring together polo players and enthusiasts every winter season.

World Snow Polo Championship

Set in Aspen, Colorado, the World Snow Polo Championship has become one of the premier snow polo tournaments worldwide as it is the only snow polo tournament in North America. Polo players from both American continents fly to Aspen to compete and win the prize every December since 2013. Aspen Valley Polo Club continues to host the grand affair annually, with its owners Marc and Melissa Ganzi at the forefront of serving the glamour and beauty snow polo offers.

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Snow Polo World Cup Kitzbühel

The snow polo field in Kitzbühel, Austria may be relatively smaller than its counterparts, but it doesn’t affect the grandeur of the sport. From having four international teams and 1,000 visitors when it launched in 2003, it has gained popularity and made a name for itself in the following years, which eventually gathered eight playing teams and 15,000 spectators at present. The polo tournament was started by Reto and Tito Gaudenzi, who both operate polo events around the world.

Snow Polo World Cup St. Moritz

The pioneer tournament in snow polo remains the only high goal snow polo tournament in the world. The beautiful backdrop, the exciting action atop the frozen lake, as well as the exquisite food selection and social events in St. Moritz’s first class hotels make this tournament the most prestigious one. The games happen in late January, with more than 15,000 spectators attending in 2019. Melissa Ganzi is the first woman polo player to join and win in this tournament.

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