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2020 US Open Women’s Handicap Updates

2020 US Open Women’s Handicap Updates

Women's Handicap Polo

It was a marathon day of polo at the 2020 USPA Women’s Open Handicap. Twelve teams played four round robins but at the end of the day, only four teams will earn their spots in the semifinals on Friday.

The first team to move onto the semis was the young guns, Quiet Creek Farm. These young women took everyone by surprise, showing their sharp skills and horsemanship. They are also very disciplined in taking the man. They won both two chukker games in the round robin claiming the first spot in the semifinals.

In the second round robin of the day, the well-organized Villa Ecleto kept their competition at bay with strong defense and well-executed teamwork. They were able to come away with a win against both opposing teams earning their spot to play against Quiet Creek Farm.

Meanwhile, the teams that played the third round robin both earned a win, causing the winner to be decided by net goals. The girls in pink, Chandler Ranch, beat the second placer by .5 net goals to advance to the semifinals.

On the final round robin match, Aspen Snowmass took control of both games with their consistency and patience on the field. After narrowly beating the tough Fourty Flowers team, Aspen Snowmass went on to win against Rover’s Romphouse/Memorial Chiropractic to claim the last spot in the semifinals.

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2020 USPA Women's Open in Houston
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